Our Team

At NCT, we believe that our people are our greatest strength.

NCT was built on knowledge, drive and perseverance. These are the values instilled by the founders, Dato’ Sri Yap Ngan Choy and Dato’ Yap Fook Choy, and carried by the team. We pride ourselves on our passion to always seek knowledge. We know that hard work is what drives you forward and we understand the importance of perseverance in the midst of trials will help weather any storm.  


Success entails effort and considerable risks. Hence, we are always glad and contented to take on any challenges, building substantial opportunities and forging formidable competitive advantages. In light of this effort, we value and advocate for our team members in taking bold strides to prevail over adversities. 

Adhering to one of our missions to incorporate persistence for the improvement and advancement of our team, feedbacks from our stakeholders are of utmost significance to us. It propels us to strive and to flourish. With that in mind, our team is always ready to listen to your voice and to revamp ourselves ceaselessly in order to achieve top-notch quality at all times. 

Today, NCT Group employs hundreds of talented individuals across its diversified group structure. Collaboration and cooperation are the secrets to our success. As a fast-growing and ever-expanding company, we understand the importance of nurturing talents and providing the opportunity for them to grow and lead.