Realize the dream of living at the top of the mountain

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The "hilltop residential area" is a gathering place for the rich no matter which country it is in. It is also synonymous with high social status, good air quality, high-grade housing and excellent ‘feng-shui’. Of course, with all these high-quality conditions comes the out-of-reach housing prices. Think about it, if the height of the location is proportional to the price of the house, wouldn't the price of a serviced apartment at an altitude of 6,000 feet be astronomical?

Grand Ion Majestic project won the iProperty Development Excellence Awards (iDEA) and Best Investment Hi-Rise Development Award. The threshold of Grand Ion Majestic is relatively low, and it is guaranteed to bring considerable returns to investors. The unique geographical environment and surrounding facilities further enhance the investment value of this project. Both investment and self-occupation are ideal, making people realize the dream of living in the hilltop area.

Look at the investment value one by one
  • Many area options, low threshold
    The area of ​​Grand Ion Majestic ranges from 380 square meters to 1,500 square meters. High-end projects will inevitably push up their prices, but because the unit area is small, the threshold is relatively low, which improves their affordability.
  • The project is well-equipped and both self-owned and invested
    The luxurious reception lobby, grand banquet hall, sky restaurant, swimming pool, spa, gym room, entertainment room and theater are all comparable to international star hotels. In the investment plan for this purpose, investors can get a return of 7% each year and can live for themselves for 5 days free of charge. In addition, this project also integrates the individual strengths of hotels and apartments, so self-occupation is also a good choice.
  • The market demand is big, the appreciation space is big
    As a world-famous plateau resort, the existing accommodation facilities of Resorts World Genting are not enough to accommodate its astonishing number of tourists. When its theme park is fully opened and other plans are implemented one by one, Resorts World Genting looks forward to welcoming more local and international tourists. The huge demand and complete facilities are enough to further expand the appreciation space of Grand Ion Majestic.
  • No need to bother
    The property owners do not need to renovate and manage by themself. Grand Ion Majestic has the world's largest hotel management group, Wyndham Hotel Group as a trustworthy butler to provide assistance in managing the property for the owners. 
  • Guarantee of confidence
    The award is definitely an affirmation of the finished product, but also a guarantee of confidence. Since its development, Grand Ion Majestic has been a frequent visitor to real estate awards. The awards it has won include:
    2021: iProperty Development Excellence Awards (iDEA) 2021 - Best Investment High-Rise Development
    2021: StarProperty Awards 2021 - The Wow Development
    2019: The Malaysia Book of Records – Highest Altitude Glass Bottom Link Bridge
    2019: The Malaysia Book of Records-Highest Altitude Clear Glass Sky Lift
    2018: The Malaysia Book of Records-Highest Altitude Largest Banquet Hall
    2018: The Malaysia Book of Records-Highest Altitude Glass House