Post-pandemic era: Real estate, buy or not?

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In 2020, we have experienced an unprecedented global blockade. Up to now, people around the world have chosen to co-exist with the virus without other means, and everyone has gradually returned to life before the pandemic, giving the global economy a series of signs of recovery. Will a new wave of pandemic occur again? I believe no one can answer this question accurately. However, after more than a year and a half of various stages of blockade, I believe we are better able to face the impact of the epidemic.

The government has recently opened up all economic sectors, allowing the overall market to warm up slightly. As for the real estate sector, with the strong cooperation of the government, banks, real estate developers and other upstream and downstream sectors, the local real estate developers still hold a positive and optimistic attitude towards development in the post-pandemic era. As a consumer, considering the uncertainty that still exists in the development of the pandemic, should home buyers respond immediately, or continue to wait and see the changes?

  • Take advantage of the momentum

During the pandemic, there were too many people who wanted to buy a home but held a wait-and-see attitude, which indirectly restricted the current housing price. When the pandemic eases and the economy recovers, the number of home buyers will definitely increase significantly. If the economy permits, home buyers can avoid the situation of buying up and not buying down at this time. In addition, under the impact of the pandemic and the market, many real estate developers tried their best to release the largest preferential policies, and these preferential policies were unlikely to appear in the real estate market before the epidemic. At this time, home ownership is also the best opportunity to miss.

Every crisis is the best turning point. Looking back on history, we often find that every financial crisis is every pause in the property market, but after a short pause, rapid growth will usher in, and this will benefit people who buy property in time in every crisis. As long as the product is bought right, when the housing price hits the bottom, it is bound to wait for the moment when the industry appreciates.

  • Understand buying needs

Everyone has different reasons for buying a home. If you plan to live on your own, driven by the low interest rates launched by the local banks, the homeownership plan launched by the government, and the attractive packages launched by real estate developers, I believe you have no more reason to delay your house buying plan. If you plan to invest in real estate, you must first strictly review your financial situation and ask yourself whether you are financially capable of coping with various emergencies. Assuming that you cannot find a tenant or buyer smoothly, are you able to repay the mortgage and various expenses on time? Regardless of the pandemic situation, understanding your own economic capacity and choosing an industry with development potential and value-added space is the fundamental factor in deciding whether to buy a home.

In this post-epidemic era, we all cannot deny that it will take some time from survival to a full rebound, but the industry will eventually return to a normal development track, everyone will return to a normal life, and the rising demand will also Promote further increases in housing prices, and the price advantage of home ownership may disappear by then. Therefore, if the economy permits, you can copy the reserve price while you are now, which is also an ideal choice to maximize your benefits.

  • Real estate recommendation: the most worthwhile investment real estate

Cross-state restrictions have come to an end here, and there has been a sharp increase in cross-state crowds. The flow of people returning home from across the state, traveling and pastimes filled all the avenues, and the tourist attractions ushered in the long-lost crowds. This not only made the long-silent tourism industry see the light again, but also verified the tourism real estate once again. Sustainability.

Following the success of Grand Ion Delemen, Grand Ion Majestic and the upcoming Ion Forte Green City will be the tourism real estate project that NCT Group is striving to develop this year. These real estate projects are located in the main tourist landmarks of our country- Genting Highlands and the ancient city of Malacca. In the first two weeks of the interstate opening, we have witnessed the number of visitors to these two major locations. We believe that when the country's gates are officially opened to the world, the number of visitors to these two major landmarks will rise to another level.

Tourism is an economic field that the government attaches great importance to. Although the sudden epidemic has caused a mess in the tourism industry, once the epidemic eases, the tourism industry is still one of the fastest recovering areas. As the key projects of NCT Group, Grand Ion Majestic and Ion Forte Green City are the leaders of many similar real estate projects in terms of architectural design, facility planning and supporting discounts. Although there is no perfect choice in everything, in the real estate field, we can still rationally analyze the real estate projects with the highest scores. Grand Ion Majestic and Ion Forte Green City are definitely high-potential investment real estate projects and it is the ideal choice for earning passive income.