How to choose real estate developers carefully? 4 key points to teach you to avoid traps!

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A rising star in the industry

In a real estate project, the background, strength and reputation of the real estate developer can definitely determine the success or failure of the project. NCT Alliance is not experienced in real estate development, but Dato Sri Yap Ngan Choy has been on the battlefield for more than 30 years in the field of construction. He has gained a lot of praise and reputation in the industry for his dedication to this field. NCT Alliance has the reputation of White Knight, which has further established the group's position in real estate development, and also been recognized by the industry as a rising star in the real estate development field.

The milestones of NCT

  • 1985 - NCT Tiling Sdn Bhd was formally established. The company focuses on ceramic tile paving projects, and has passed ISO9001:2008 audit and certification.
  • 1997 - NCT Tiling Sdn Bhd has developed into one of the largest ceramic tile contractors in Malaysia.
  • 2000 - The company entered the field of construction contracting and also established NCT Building & Civil Engineering Sdn Bhd.
  • 2012 -  The Malaysian government authorized NCT to redevelop Malaysia's largest shelved property project - "Bandar Salak Tinggi". The company successfully handed over a total of 713 houses in a short period of three years with outstanding results, so it was crowned with the reputation of "White Knight".
  • 2015 - The first tourism real estate project - "Grand Ion Delemen" in Genting Highlands was developed.
  • 2018 - Grand Ion Delemen and Grand Ion Majestic won 5 major awards from the Malaysia Book of Records, and NCT’s project that has won the most Malaysia Book of Records awards in history.
  • 2020 - It became the largest shareholder of Grand-Flo Sdn Bhd (0056), a listed company, and officially changed its name to NCT Alliance in July 2021.
NCT Alliance’s Development Projects

Genting Highlands, Pahang : Grand Ion Delemen, Grand Ion Majestic
Bukit Mertajam, Penang : The Glades
Penang Batu Kawan : Vortex, Ion Vivace
Sepang, Selangor : Acacia Residences
Kampar, Perak : Mahkota Kampar

For homebuyers: choose real estate developers carefully

Real estate developers play a pivotal role in real estate projects. The wrong choice of irresponsible developers will not only lead to the wasting of the home buyers' funds, but also seriously affect their life planning. So how should buyers choose real estate developers?

  1. Understand the background of real estate developers and past development projects
    Ask the developer or search the developer’s history and records on the Internet, including the background of directors and shareholders, past development experience, sales reputation, project quality, award records, project advertising permits and development licenses (APDL) , etc. A serious developer must be able to provide home buyers with these specific information.
  2. Check whether the real estate developer has ever been blacklisted
    Before buying a house, browse the website ( established by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government of Malaysia to ensure that the developer has a good record.
  3. Personally visit the project site to survey the environment
    If the situation permits, the buyer may wish to personally go to the construction site to observe the on-site situation. Assuming that the site has not kept up with the development schedule set, but the developer cannot provide a satisfactory explanation, then it may be better to consider more before making a decision.
  4. Beware of discount traps
    Excessive discounts are enough to blind your eyes. If the offer of this project is too good to be true, please take more time to verify it. Remember, real estate development is a commercial activity, and developers still need to take care of the company's profits and losses.