4 tips for judging the potential of real estate appreciation

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Not only speed

Clothing, food, shelter, and transportation are the most basic life needs of human beings. Driven by the new crown epidemic, most of us are forced to work at home. Because of this, we have begun to understand the interrelationship between a busy life and a good home environment. In addition to being the safest shelter, an ideal room must also optimize the quality of life of the residents and make their lives better.

"Isn't the building itself cold? It won't be enough to spend money to decorate after you buy it." This idea is not entirely correct. The building itself needs to have its own temperature, vitality, beauty and safety, and the surrounding environment and equipment need to cater to the living needs of the residents, but also to demonstrate the living taste of the residents, all of which constitute the basic needs of modern real estate design. 

Someone might say, “Aren’t the modules of the house roughly the same? It’s okay to refer to the projects of other real estate developers?” I have to admit that some real estate developers will choose this kind of shortcut. But for NCT Alliance, who have rich architectural experience believe that speed is only the most basic requirement of construction. The Managing Director and Executive Chairman of NCT Alliance, Dato Sri Yap Ngan Choy emphasizes the unique personality of each development project, and continues to create more world class masterpieces as the goals of the group. Therefore, from the initial tiling specialist, the mid-term construction company to the current property development group, Dato Sri Yap Ngan Choy has successfully handed over the scores of speed and beauty, and has repeatedly moved to the awards stage, striding to the group’s The 10-year goal is advancing.

How to judge the appreciation potential of real estate?

For home buyers, especially the middle class, buying a home can be regarded as a half-life investment. In addition to self-occupation, investment value is also a key consideration. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to choose a reputable developer, followed by the appreciation potential of the development project. So what kind of real estate can be regarded as having the potential for appreciation?

  1. Lot
    The location of the project does not have to be in the bustling commercial center of a major city. The property price in this location is usually too expensive and there is little room for appreciation. The lot here refers to a completely planned lot, which must include access to transportation, economic centers, activity centers, medical centers, and universities. These are the potential for future climate formation.
  2. Quality
    High-quality development projects will not depreciate over time, but will become more precious. A house with a good location, good layout, good quality, and complete facilities will be touted by the market no matter what period it is.
  3. Project developers, engineering contractors & property management companies
    Reputable real estate developers will never sloppy on development projects. Condensed professional resources and analysis, and cooperated with experienced engineering contractors and property management companies, the long-term appreciation potential is definitely not empty talk.
  4. Neighborhood
    This factor is an invisible indicator for judging the value of a community. For example, living together in the same group of people in suits and shoes is definitely more comfortable than being a neighbor with a group of people who rely on government subsidies, and more indirectly affects the public security and health environment of the community, and the community’s appreciation space is naturally relatively large.