4 key points on how you can become a wise real estate investor

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Carefully crafted regardless of cost

Today's real estate project is no longer a boring home unit, but a real estate project that integrates modern living communities, high-quality lifestyles and good investment opportunities. From tile specialist, construction engineer to the current real estate developer, NCT Group’s Managing Director, Dato Sri Yap Ngan Choy is well aware of the role played by every architectural detail. Rather than compromise with an ordinary real estate project at a lower cost, he would rather consume more resources and thoughts to build a modern housing estate that surprises the whole people and has the potential for appreciation. Because of this obsession, the company’s projects were awarded numerous awards for the Grand Ion Delemen and Grand Ion Majestic in Genting Highlands.

Grand Ion Delemen and Grand Ion Majestic are adjacent to the well-known tourist attraction, Genting Highlands, which is a thriving city integrating leisure, entertainment, shopping and life, and this plan directly drives the development of the entire area. NCT Group aimed at the potential real estate investment and development opportunities in Genting Highlands to facilitate the direct drive of Genting and the development of the group's first plateau real estate project in 2015.

Highly explosive potential stocks

The sky is high, the clouds are light and the wind is clear. When you look around, your horizons are extremely broad, which determines the seat of a person. Malaysia's tourism industry has always been a highly explosive potential stock. With the combination with real estate, it may create a comprehensive effect that cannot be underestimated. Therefore, there is a mutually beneficial relationship between tourism real estate and tourism locations. As a prudent real estate investor, how should we choose a foolproof tourist property?

  1. Know your financial ability
    Real estate investment is a kind of knowledge. If you want to make real profits, you must first understand your financial ability and understand how much money you have to invest. If there is no huge investment fund, choosing a low-threshold investment project can definitely reduce your concerns.
  2. Choose a good location
    The good or bad of the location is enough to affect the price of real estate, especially tourism real estate will determine its investment value because it depends on the success or failure of the attraction. For example, Genting Highlands has brought considerable benefits to the country in the past few decades. It is also an internationally renowned tourist destination and thus choosing a real estate near the tourist spot is definitely a stable and high-quality investment location.
  3. Calculate profit
    Investment-based tourism real estate ensures the stability of profit return. Assuming you do not have relevant industry management knowledge and time, a reputable and experienced management company plays a particularly important role.
  4. Complete facilities
    Although the tourist attractions have complete facilities, the facilities in the development projects are also very important. Whether it is the decoration and furnishings of the surroundings, or the facilities, the overall can impress the residents and leave a good impression on the customers.
  5. Comprehensiveness of development
    Tourist real estate mostly deviates from the main administrative center. Under this situation, savvy investors must understand and analyze the traffic and accommodation occupancy rate of the tourist attraction. In addition, if the area has highways, schools, shopping malls, medical facilities and other equipment and enough job opportunities, it is enough to create a complete community, and the factor of distance is not enough to threaten the value of investment.